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Hydrajaws develop, manufacture and sell a range of portable testers for testing the crucial holding force of anchors and fixings in construction materials. With extensive knowledge and expertise, they are regularly approached to provide solutions for specific fixings testing requirements.

The Hydrajaws fixing tester comprises of a hydraulic cylinder contained within an aluminium body and connected to a turning handle. At the opposite end is an attachment for securing the fixing, while a dial type or digital pressure gauge gives a reading of the loading as it is progressively applied through the rotation of the handle. Several models are available.

The testers are designed to suit the requirements of various testing procedures and standards including BS 8539:2012, BS7883:2019 and AEFAC-TN05. The Construction Fixings Association (CFA) endorses Hydrajaws as a supplier of industry-leading testing equipment.

Testers are in kit form complete with carrying case and all the necessary accessories including a load spreading bridge. The latter item is of special significance as it provides an unsupported area around the fixing, giving a true value of both the mechanical efficiency of the anchor itself and the strength of the concrete or masonry it is installed into. This is of special importance where old buildings are concerned.

Fixings that may be accommodated include stud projections, threaded inserts, eyebolts for safety harnesses, scaffold ring bolts, remedial wall ties, and other fixing systems for which a selection of adaptors are available.

They also provide an annual calibration service to ensure the gauges are kept accurate and working correctly to ensure confidence in testing results.

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