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Our Vision & Mission

Pioneering Australia’s Ultimate Rope Access Challenge

To host Australia’s largest & most comprehensive rope access challenge in history.

Combining real life rope access manouvres with the use of tools & equipment, in a spectacular & challenging settings, to give our venue partners and sponsors targeted marketing exposure and ROI many times greater than they could eve achieve, using conventional online marketing tools or at general public expos.

About the Event


Bringing together the best rope access technicians and the best brands at the best training venues in Australia for a day of friendly competition as well as exchange of knowledge & experience.

Spectacular maneuvers in a spectacular and colourful setting with lots of lights, smoke, lasers, and music pumping.
Putting the best rope access technicians, as well as their tools,equipment and materials to the test in a challenging setting.
Lots of spectators and foot traffic on the day, giving venues and sponsors a prime opportunity to present in front of a perfectly targeted audience with no direct competition at the event.
Prize ceremony with live performances, medals, trophies, great prizes from our sponsors and substantial cash prizes for anyone on the podium.

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