Help us Shape the Future of Rope Access in Australia

March 5, 2024

We are thrilled to unveil the details of the inaugural Australian – Just Get It Done! – Rope Access Challenge, promising to be an event like no other! Set against the backdrop of breathtaking setups, pulsating lights, and energizing music, this competition promises to be a spectacle like no other.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed arborist competitions and the internationally renowned GRIMP rope access events, plus the added “Just Get It Done!” touch of colourful lights, good music and a celebratory atmosphere, this challenge aims to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary skills of rope access technicians across Australia.


Competitor Categories

Fastest Lady in Town

Fastest Gun in Town

Rookie of the Year (L1’s with less than 1000 hours logged.)

A Blast from the Past (Owners, Directors, Managers who no longer work on the tools OR technicians over 50 years of age.)

Note: Participants in the Blast from the Past category do not require current IRATA qualifications; however, they need to pass a basic competency test on the day if their qualifications have expired.



Competitors will showcase their skills through a series of exhilarating manoeuvres, as well as straightforward up and down the ropes, performing work-related tasks such as using an impact driver to put in screws, hand tools to replace nuts and bolts, hauling a bucket of water, and testing an anchor point.

Don’t worry if these tasks sound daunting; a crash course on all of the above will be provided during the pre-start toolbox talk meeting in the morning. We want all participants to feel confident and prepared as they tackle these challenges head-on.


Camaraderie & Community

This event isn’t just about competition; it’s about camaraderie and community. Just like the spirited gatherings witnessed at arborist events in Queensland and Victoria, the Australian – Just Get It Done! – Rope Access Challenge fosters a sense of unity and support among participants.

It’s a platform where industry brands come together to sponsor and support these exceptional talents, and where audiences gather to witness the incredible feats performed by these skilled professionals.

What sets this event apart is the spirit of teamwork and knowledge exchange. Competitors not only vie for glory but also share their experiences and expertise, helping each other learn and grow.

It’s a fantastic networking opportunity where new business relationships are forged, and industry connections as well as friendships are strengthened.


Family & Loved Ones

Moreover, this event serves as an inspiration for future generations to join the industry. Families and loved ones have the chance to witness their parents and partners showcase their skills in breathtaking manoeuvres, instilling a sense of pride and admiration.


As a token of recognition, participants have the unique opportunity to take home a deck of collectible trading cards, featuring the participants among the best rope access technicians in Australia as well as certificates of successful completion, proudly displayed as symbols of their achievements.

Additionally, winners will receive prestigious medals and a trophy to take home.

Help Us Shape The Future Of Australian Rope Access!

Join us as we celebrate the prowess of Australia’s rope access technicians at the Australian – Just Get It Done! – Rope Access Challenge. It’s not just a competition; it’s a testament to the skill, dedication, and passion that define our industry.

Get ready to witness the thrill, the excitement, and the sheer brilliance of rope access mastery!

We invite you be a part of this special event, as an active competitor or cheering spectator.

Register your ticket at and help us shape the future of the rope access community for generations to come!